What is Treme4Treme?


Treme4Treme is an umbrella organization of Tremé residents, businesses, community-based non-profit organizations and community leaders with a long history of working in social services, community and economic development, and culture in the greater Tremé neighborhood.



What is the purpose of Treme4Treme?


At the heart of efforts by Treme4Treme are four (4) simple goals: to maintain its indigenous population; keep live music and the street culture of Tremé alive; foster community and economic development; and to do those things in the great spirit of joy and celebration which is native to New Orleans and began in Tremé.


Treme4Treme aim is to create a state referred to as resilient autonomy, which is a community that is self-directed and capable of constantly renewing itself in a healthy, sustainable way. The path to resilient autonomy is through neighborhood-based, asset-based and place-based community and economic development.



How will Treme4Treme achieve resilient autonomy?


By designing the future we want for our community, and then finding points of leverage to apply our energies with significant results to create that future.



Who can participate in Treme4Treme?


Treme4Treme welcomes anyone with a serious interest in the future of the Tremé community and a willingness to create that future, especially those who live, work, play, or worship in the greater Tremé neighborhood.



How often and where does Treme4Treme meet?


Treme4Treme meets every other Tuesday at 5:00 PM, at 814 No. Robertson Street, and as need arises.



What gives Treme4Treme the right to plan for the Tremé community?


Members Treme4Treme have a long history in the Tremé community that predates Interstate 10 and Armstrong Park. Members of Treme4Treme were born, raised, reared, and we still live, work, play and worship in Tremé.  Treme4Treme has taken responsibility for planning our future, and creating that future.



What is different about Treme4Treme efforts to plan the future of the greater Tremé neighborhood?


Treme4Treme is totally community inspired and community driven.



Can I "get in where I fit in" with Treme4Treme?


Yes, there is a place for you with Treme4Treme.


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